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If you have been charged with any misdemeanor crime, you need to contact Locke Law Firm and schedule a free case evaluation right away.Even misdemeanor crimes can hold serious penalties and they can risk being elevated to felony offenses. At our office, we are proud to be committed, experienced team of qualified legal professionals that have successfully fought for countless clients. Our founding attorney is a former felony prosecutor that knows the in’s and out’s of the Texas legal system, and we will use this knowledge to your advantage.

If you have been arrested, do not hesitate to call our Pearland misdemeanor attorney at (832) 308-7623 and schedule a free case evaluation as soon as possible.

We Can Provide Quality Representation for a Variety of Misdemeanor Crimes

At Locke Law Firm, we are experienced in handling a variety of misdemeanor crimes, and we can defend you against accusations of:

  • Petty theft
  • Vandalism
  • Reckless driving
  • Simple assault
  • Assault family violence (felonies, misdemeanors, and Class Cs)
  • Indecent exposure

Being convicted of a misdemeanor crime is still a serious complication that can have life-altering impacts in you for the rest of your life. Convictions carry a maximum of one year in jail, fines, restitution, probation, and in some cases, court-mandated classes and courses.

Work with Locke Law Firm to Defend Your Future!

At Locke Law Firm, we will thoroughly investigate your case and all charges that you may be facing. We will determine if your rights were violated in any manner and diligently create a personalized defense. If you have been arrested, or if a family member is facing a criminal charge for any misdemeanor crime, do not hesitate to contact Locke Law Firm and schedule a free case evaluation with our Pearland misdemeanor lawyer right away.

Call us at (832) 308-7623 to get started and schedule a free case evaluation.

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  • Tom does a excellent job! I’m forever grateful for him getting me a dismissal.

    “Tom does a excellent job! I’m forever grateful for him getting me a dismissal.”

    Former Client

  • Tom Locke is your best defense!!!

    “Tom stated from the beginning that he strives to ensure justice is served, even if that means going the full 9 yards for a dismissal as opposed to an expeditious plea strategy that some attorneys use to generate volume clients as opposed to quality representation. He did EXACTLY that and in my case, justice prevailed and it was expeditiously dismissed. I can only imagine the beast he would have been for me and I know he is in court! If I could give 10 stars I would but unfortunately the site only allows for 5. Thanks again for everything, Tom!”

    Former Client

  • Highly Recommended !

    “Highly experienced professional. Gave me a lot of confidence. Very personable with everyone he came in contact with. Thoroughly reviewed possible outcomes with me. Willing to fight for the best possible outcome. Got my case dismissed efficiently.”


  • Locke Law Firm... It doesn't get an better!

    “My wife and I hired Tom Locke with Locke Law Firm to represent our son who was absolutely falsely charged. We got what we paid for with a dismissal. Tom has a largely diverse knowledge of criminal law. We were extremely impressed with his concern for our family, professional attitude, constant communication, and persistence with the district attorney's office. We are grateful that we hired Tom to represent our son.”


  • RN and JD...Registered Nurse and Attorney. So glad he was on my side.

    “RN and JD...Registered Nurse and Attorney. So glad he was on my side.”


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