Why You Need an Attorney After a DWI Arrest

A DWI arrest is a scary, confusing, and frustrating situation, especially if it’s your first offense. One of the most important steps to protect your rights and future is to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

However, many people are reluctant to obtain legal representation to save money or because it’s only a misdemeanor charge. There are several reasons why having an attorney on your side is worth the cost, whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or a felony DWI offense.

The following are the benefits of hiring a DWI attorney for your case:

  • Avoid jail time – All crimes are serious in nature. The difference between a misdemeanor and a felony is the number of years a defendant could spend in jail or prison. A first-time DWI is generally a Class B misdemeanor in Texas, punishable by a jail term of up to 180 days, a maximum fine of $2,000, and licenses suspension for two years. If you do not want to spend time behind bars, hiring a lawyer is in your best interest.
  • Avoid a criminal record – Besides serving serious penalties after conviction, a DWI charge can also result in a permanent criminal record. Having a DWI conviction—or even an arrest—on your record can damage your personal and professional reputation, as well as make it difficult to get a job, apply for college, and take advantage of other opportunities in life. A lawyer can help you avoid having a permanent criminal record.
  • Get experienced legal assistance – Throughout the criminal justice process, there are several pitfalls which individuals who are unfamiliar with the system are vulnerable to, potentially resulting in further legal trouble. An attorney has a thorough understanding of the legal process and capable of guiding you through the complexities of your case.
  • Get the best results – Your lawyer is committed to helping you obtain the most favorable possible outcome in your DWI case. He/she will investigate your case, analyze evidence gathered by law enforcement, negotiate with the prosecution, and develop a strong defense strategy to either get your case dismissed entirely or reduce the penalties you face.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Pearland, TX, look no further than Locke Law Firm. Attorney Thomas Locke has over 15 years of experience helping clients get the results they deserve. As a former felony prosecutor, he knows how the prosecution will approach your case, giving you an upper hand in the courtroom. Do not risk serving the harsh penalties associated with a DWI conviction.

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