Does Shoplifting Require Punishment or Help?

Working as a white-collar professional comes with its ups and downs. One thing that any professional knows to be true is that the job comes with a lot of stress. Consider the many different ways professionals cope with their stress: working out, taking a break from it all, talking to a friend, getting some fresh air, visualizing a calm place. These are all common things that come to mind when we think about a busy work schedule on top of a social life and family life.

However, for some people the answer to getting their mind off stress is shoplifting. Most of us associate stealing with criminals who do it with a greedy intent. In reality, stealing can be a coping mechanism for many white-collar workers who want to get rid of their unwanted feelings of stress. Addictions to shoplifting can be common in those who you would not automatically suspect, such as those who have stable jobs and make a good living. Psychological maladies such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, or impulse disorders can be the cause of stealing for your every day professional person. People can become addicted to stealing just as easily as becoming addicted to drugs. When something relieves you of your stress, it is hard to break away from that thing even if it has ultimately negative consequences.

The punishment for the criminal charge of theft in Texas is relative to the value of the stolen item. Not only is there a fine, but incarceration, a criminal record, and civil penalties are also in store for those who steal. Even though some shoplifters have criminal intent, there are instances in which people who shoplift need help rather than punishment. If stealing is merely a coping mechanism for stress, it needs to be addressed by a psychologist who can explain that there are better ways to cope. Before deeming someone a criminal, his or her story of what happened during the time of stealing needs to be assessed. Many people do not believe another when the person caught stealing says that it was “simply a misunderstanding”. Yes, sometimes people lie to get out of being arrested, but for some this is a genuine explanation.

If you find yourself charged with theft do not hesitate to contact me, Thomas C. Locke, at (832) 308-7623 for a consultation. The Locke Law Firm has been successfully defending the rights of those charged with shoplifting in Texas for many years. Shoplifting can become a compulsion through which you cope with job related stress or general unhappiness. Don’t let feelings of vexation tarnish your life forever.

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